Unity Life Christian Ministries Center  

    Enter to learn and depart to serve!

      From the Desk of the Pastors

Bishop Dr. Raymond Horton, lll, Sr. Pastor/Overseer

Elder Vera Horton, Executive Senior Pastor

Elder Dr. Helen Robinson

      Bishop and Elder Horton  leads Gods people with the teachings of Christ and equips them to become passionate followers and disciples.  We are committed to exalting the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, preaching, praise, worship, evangelism and outreach. We will continue teaching Kingdom Principles that will move us towards God's promises, make provision for our lives, and propel us towards his promotion.

      We will continue to go into all the world by evangelizing to the unbeliever, strengthening the believer, and proclaiming the Gospel by every available means that becomes accessible to us.  We are committed to providing help for the hurting through biblical counseling, feeding the hungry, fellowshipping with other Churches, and teaching the principles of successful relationships in life. As we endeavor to serve with a Christ-centered focus; we shall continually commit ourselves to him, his ministry, and his people. 

      We welcome you into our loving family and hope to see you soon.  We love you with the love of Christ,  Jesus our Lord, and Savior!